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Check out some of these new pictures...

The background is in Yosemite National Forest

Click picture for larger image.  (These are called "thumbnails")

M_sillvall_faults_view.jpg (115229 bytes)

Where do we live?  (faults included...)


Rockocean.jpg (61322 bytes)

Look closely at those fools on the rocks!

rockocean3.jpg (52544 bytes)

Finally, a sunny day at the beach!

rockocean5.jpg (388411 bytes)


A little bit of everything!


    06_060301.jpg (39969 bytes)



04_040301.jpg (44956 bytes)



Scan73.jpg (87134 bytes)

These are a bit bigger pics.

Scan87.jpg (106587 bytes)

Me and My friend Scott from U. Of Md.

Scan82.jpg (77871 bytes)

Denise and our complex in the background.